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Scrum Master Services Provider for Export Development Canada

Scrum Master Services for EDC

MDOS Consulting
Ottawa ON
Category : Management Consulting Salary : Experience(s) : 10 Year


We are looking for a Scrum Master Services for Export Development Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability.

About MDOS Consulting

We are looking for a Scrum Master Service Provider for Export Development Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability. If this is something that interests you, please send us a copy of your resume not exceeding 10 pages as per EDC Guidelines describing your experience that matches the requirements listed below.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you

Contract Details:

Expected Start Date:  September 2021

Expected End Date:  May 2022

Closing date of bid submission:  September 7, 2021

Description of Service

Scrum Master Service Provider is a core member of a delivery team and a facilitator who supports team members in applying Agile practices, processes, and behaviours for executing effectively and with quality; raises the performance of delivery teams through continuous improvement and Agile events facilitation

  • Continuous helping the team to delivery of top priority work
  • Adoption and consistent use of agile techniques, tools, and standard practices
  • Positive team dynamics, raised team’s performance, satisfaction, and motivation

Specific Project Requirements

  • Completed an undergraduate Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Commerce or Business Administration
  • Minimum 2 year as a dedicated Scrum Master or Agile Coach on a software development team or other type of Scrum team
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in software development, process improvement or related experience
  • Advanced knowledge of the software development lifecycle, Agile principles and the Scrum Framework


Skills Required

Top Skills Required:

  1. Direct experience using agile values, principles and practices in different situations
  2. Instilling the team with the discipline of agile processes
  3. Working in a fast-paced environment where team-based learning has influenced changes in priority / direction

Other Skills Required:

  • Advanced influencing and communication skills
  • Creating a safe and trusting environment – allowing a focused free flow of ideas and challenging them when needed


  • Having worked with high performing team(s), or with teams in pursuit of high performance
  • Teaching, coaching, facilitation, and mentorship skills

Primary Responsibilities

  • Focus on Sprint Readiness – Supports the Product Owner and the team members to maintain a healthy backlog for the current and upcoming sprints; guides teams to commit to work within the boundaries of the team’s historical velocity
  • Team Operations – Facilitates daily standups and uses Kanban / Scrum board to visualize the work to manage impediments, WIP, and flow of work through the system
  • Continuous Improvement Support – Partners with Product Owners and other team members to drive improvement using a hypothesis, experimentation, measure, learn approach and ensures teams are actively seeking out opportunities for improvement through retrospectives
  • Informing Program Planning – Support Product Owner to connected with program by provide metrics showing sprint results and enabling forecasting/predictability of product delivery
  • Impediment Removal and Issue Escalation – Facilitates the resolution of impediments raised by team members; monitors sprint progress to identify potential issues or delays in the completion of work; coordinates cross platform dependencies; escalates issues to appropriate managers and/or leads
  • Leadership / Communication – Mentors team members on Agile practices, processes and behaviours
  • Cross team collaboration – Works with Product Owners and other Scrum Masters at IFRS17 Program to encourage and enable cross team collaboration to handle work with dependencies

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