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Project Manager – Level 3 for Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Project Manager - Level 3 for ESDC

MDOS Consulting
Category : Management Consulting Salary : Experience(s) : 10 Year


We are looking for a Project Manager - Level 3 for Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC) with a Security Clearance Level of Secret.

About MDOS Consulting

We are looking for a Project Manager – Level 3 for Employment Social Development Canada (ESDC) with a Security Clearance Level of Secret.

1.Mandatory Requirement

 Level of Expertise Senior: Minimum 100 pts

Relevant Education to the Consultant Category

University (PhD, Graduate, Undergraduate, degree): 35 pts College or CEGEP Diploma/Certificate: 25 pts

Professional Certification

Relevant Professional Certification: 15 pts

Relevant Experience in Consultant Category

≥1 yrs and <2 yrs: 12-23 months—15 pts

≥2 yrs and <4 yrs: 24-47 months—20 pts

≥4 yrs and <6 yrs: 48-71 months—30 pts

≥6 yrs and <8 yrs: 72-95 months—35 pts

≥8 yrs and <10 yrs: 96-119 months—55 pts

≥10 yrs: 120 + months—65 pts

The required services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Planning and coordinating project management activities including financial, planning and contracting aspects
  • Planning and organizing a project management office
  • Giving briefings on progress and concerns of project
  • Coordinating and preparing documentation in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports, returns and observations to update management on project progress
  • Planning and coordinating the activities of project personnel, internal customers, contractors and other support providers
  • Preparing formal work breakdown structure and compliance charts
  • Producing draft plans and sections for incorporation into the Project Implementation Plan
  • Preparing draft evaluation plans, criteria and evaluation schedules
  • Developing, planning, analyzing, evaluating and prioritizing deliverables and requirements
  • Defining and documenting development team objectives
  • Determining and obtaining budgetary requirements, composition, roles, responsibilities and
  • terms of reference for the team
  • Planning, directing and controlling the activities of a project team within scheduled time and cost parameters
  • Monitoring the design, implementation and operations start up of the project against established goals, objectives and milestones
  • Reporting progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle
  • Meeting with stakeholders and other project managers and stating problems in a form capable of being solved
  • Preparing plans, charts, tables and diagrams to assist in analyzing or displaying problems
  • Working with a variety of project management tools
  • Formulating and managing project plans by defining deliverables, identifying key milestones, reviewing project progress, and engaging in ongoing risk management
  • Coordinating and directing project team(s) in order to meet project objectives for content, quality, costs, and schedules
  • Ensuring management staff is provided with timely and accurate project information and status updates
  • Developing project control and reporting procedures and managing changes in operational plan
  • Conducting post project reviews/lessons learned
  • Contributing to the organization’s strategic and business planning initiatives (for example, identifying strategic goals and objectives and implementing initiatives to achieve them, Policy Development, Standards Development and Program Review)
  • Assuming leadership at the appropriate phases of planning, action, and evaluation
  • Recognizing and taking action on opportunities to combine professional resources through partnering arrangements (for example, multi-disciplinary practices)
  • Contributing to development of organizational vision and mission; and
  • Coordinates, drafts and prepares for signature formal project documents and reports

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