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Business Consultant – Level 3 for Shared Services Canada

Business Consultant - Level 3 for Shared Services Canada

MDOS Consulting
Category : Management Consulting Salary : Experience(s) : 15 Year


We are looking  for Business Consultant - Level 3 for Shared Services Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability

About MDOS Consulting

We are looking  for Business Consultant – Level 3 for Shared Services Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability:

Business consulting / change management stream flexible grid
Levels of expertise

Senior: Minimum 95 pts

Intermediate: Minimum 70 pts

Junior: Minimum 50 pts

Education to the consultant category

University (PhD, Graduate, Undergraduate, degree): 35 pts


College or CEGEP diploma/certificate: 25 pts

Professional certification

Relevant professional certification: 15 pts

Relevant experience in consultant category

≥1 yr and <2 yrs: 12 to 23 months—10 pts

≥2 yrs and <4 yrs: 24 to 47 months—20 pts

≥4 yrs and <6 yrs: 48 to 71 months—25 pts

≥6 yrs and <8 yrs: 72 to 95 months—35 pts

≥8 yrs and <10 yrs: 96 to 119 months—50 pts

≥10 yrs: 120 + months—60 pts

2.3 Business consultant

The required services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • specifying the organization’s objectives, developing policies, standards and plans to achieve objectives
  • advising senior management on a range of issues affecting the organization’s ability to achieve the business objectives
  • identifying opportunities for, assisting in the prioritization of, and assignment of organizational improvement
  • developing and/or managing the implementation of an organizational improvement plan to identify, analyze, plan, track and control organizational improvements on a continuous basis
  • making recommendations and providing advice for improvements and assisting in developing solutions and implementing recommendations
  • collecting and analyzing information and presenting findings on complex issues, carrying out or coordinating research as required and preparing reports
  • defining and producing business requirement document
  • coaching on business
  • assisting stakeholders with understanding their strategic goals
  • analyzing stakeholder’s business objectives and recommending and developing solutions to address their business problem
  • implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its objectives
  • assessing the organization’s capacity/capability to undertake and successfully deliver an initiative or a change
  • defining, developing and implementing business strategies and plans
  • examining the link between the goals of the organization and how the work is performed to achieve those objectives at strategic and operational levels
  • processing problems into solutions or new opportunities/initiatives, identifying and researching best practices
  • performing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (swot) analysis; and
  • developing mission and vision statements

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