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Agile Marketing Scrum Master for Export Development Canada

Agile Marketing Scrum Master for EDC

MDOS Consulting
Ottawa ON
Category : Management Consulting Salary : Experience(s) : 10 Year


We are looking for an Agile Marketing Scrum Master for Export Development Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability.

About MDOS Consulting

We are looking for an Agile Marketing Scrum Master for Export Development Canada with a Security Clearance Level of Reliability.

Contract Details:
Expected Start Date: June 2019
Expected End Date: June 2021

Specific Project Requirements
Our ideal candidate:
Desired Outcomes
• Support continuous delivery of top priority work
• Adoption and consistent use of agile techniques, tools, and standard practices
• Create a positive working environment for teams to self-organize and raise performance

Key Responsibilities
• Informing Sprint Planning – Understand team capacity by tracking metrics that enable predictability
• Focus on Sprint Readiness – Supports the Product Owner and the team members to maintain a healthy backlog for the current and upcoming sprints; guides teams to commit to work within the boundaries of the team’s historical velocity
• Team Operations – Facilitates daily standups and uses Kanban / Scrum board to visualize the work to manage impediments, WIP, and flow of work through the system
• Continuous Improvement Support – Partners with Product Owners and other team members to drive improvement using a hypothesis, experimentation, measure, learn approach and ensures teams are actively seeking out opportunities for improvement through retrospectives
• Sprint Metrics – Communicates the status and progress of the sprint through ceremonies and key delivery metrics; shares metrics with various teams and stakeholders to enable forecasting / predictability of product delivery
• Impediment Removal and Issue Escalation – Facilitates the resolution of impediments raised by the team members; monitors sprint progress to identify potential issues or delays in the completion of work; coordinates cross platform dependencies; escalates issues to appropriate managers and/or leads
• Leadership / Communication – Mentors team members on Agile practices, processes and behaviours; actively communicates learnings with Agile CoE
• Dependency Management – Works with Product Owners and Scrum Masters within the Portfolio to identify and monitor dependencies including through a Portfolio Kanban

Key Interactions
 Business Owner  Product Owner  Delivery Team Members  Portfolio Management  Scrum of Scrums  Scrum Master Community of Practice

Screening Criteria
• Minimum 1 year as a dedicated Scrum Master or Agile Coach on another type of Scrum team
• Advanced knowledge of the Agile principles and the Scrum Framework

• Experience working in Marketing context
• Completed an undergraduate Degree in Commerce or Business Administration
• Scrum Alliance or SAFe certification

Primary Responsibilities
Role Summary
• A key member of one or more Marketing Squads and a facilitator who supports team members in applying Agile practices, processes, and behaviours for executing effectively and with quality; raises the performance of delivery teams through impediment management, continuous improvement, and ceremony facilitation.

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